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Some words in the Christian church and in leadership matter more than others, and some of those words have massive implications. Discipleship is one of those terms, and in this book by Lucy Peppiatt and Matt Lynch we are treated to a biblically-sound and theologically-sophisticated understanding of discipleship. Most importantly, all of it is boiled down to the kind of clarity that makes it useful for all new Christians. This is a great place to begin learning about discipleship.

Rev. Canon Dr. Scot McKnight - Author & Theologian

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“Arguably, nothing is more important in the life of the Church than discipleship.  And I can think of few resources that equip people to engage in disciple-making as well as this…!”

Paul Harcourt - National Leader, New Wine England

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I worked through The Discipleship Course in preparation for helping to kick off the first group of new Christians and their “buddies” to use the course. I liked the way the material holds together and covers the basics of the Christian life without being simplistic. There is plenty of good theology without dryness. It is clearly written by Christians who understand their faith and have a deep personal relationship with Jesus. I would definitely recommend this course for nurturing new Christians but also for helping mature Christians re-engage with God and the Bible.

Glyn Normington - Computer programmer and WTC Alumni