The Discipleship Course booklet is designed for those who have made a commitment to Jesus Christ and are now Christians.  It is an introduction to the Christian faith, and was written to give new Christians an understanding of their new identity, their history, their scriptures, and their future.

Written by Dr Lucy Peppiatt and Dr Matthew Lynch of Westminster Theological Centre

Table of Contents

Session 01 – A New Identity
Session 02 – Creation & Chaos
Session 03 – From Liberation to Enslavement
Session 04 – A Surprising Deliverence
Session 05 – Following the Master
Session 06 – New Habits, New Gifts and a New Me

Dr. Lucy Peppiatt - WTC Principal

Lucy is Principal and lecturer in Systematic Theology at WTC, and also co leads Crossnet Anglican Church in Bristol.  She has written books and articles on the themes of Discipleship and New Testament perspectives on Women in the Church.

Dr. Matt Lynch - WTC Dean of Studies

Matt is Dean of Studies and lecturer in Old Testament at WTC, and also hosts podcasts with current academics at onscript.study.  He has written on many fascinating themes, including a series of blog posts on violence in the Old Testament (theologicalmisc.net)